Dental aesthetics

A beautiful and healthy smile, along with a serene look are very important factors in defining the concept of beauty. The smile, through the benefits it offers, can influence both your personal and professional life.

Teeth whitening

An important parameter in defining an enviable smile is the colour of your teeth, more and more people soughing for a white, Hollywood-like smile. It is not desirable to obtain an unnatural appearance with teeth too white and too shiny, but there are cases when teeth whitening is desirable to improve personal physical appearance.

The whitening process can be achieved in several ways, some ways are more effective than others, some are cheaper, others are more expensive while some are faster and others slower.

Thus, there are teeth whitening methods that you can perform yourself in the privacy of your home:

  1. Toothpastes with whitening effect are effective in removing stains appeared recently after eating colourful food (wine, coffee, red sauces etc.), but they have no effect on old stains. Another disadvantage is that they cannot be used continuously due to the abrasive particles they contain (may cause lack of hard dental substance), their use must be alternated with regular antiplaque toothpaste.
  2. Whitening gels can be applied for several days (no longer than 2 weeks) in trays which are kept for 4-8 hours in the mouth, depending on the concentration of the gel.

In our office, dental whitening is performed using Beyond gel (containing hydrogen peroxide) activated by the whitening accelerator lamp (Dr’s Light), with a high intensity blue light, a quick method by which teeth become whiter with several shades in one session (approx. 45 minutes ).

You need to be informed that no satisfactory results can be obtained in the case of brown stains, caused by decay, stains due to amalgam restorations and dental fluorosis.

You should also know that teeth whitening is a reversible process, the effect can last between 6 months to 2 years, depending on your eating habits, but can be extended by using home-use gels and whitening toothpaste.

Are there rules that should be respected during the whitening treatment?

Yes. It is advisable to avoid eating colourful foods and to quit smoking during the whitening treatment and another 2-3 weeks afterwards. During the next period we recommend regular scaling and maintaining a good oral hygiene.

Endodontic whitening:

It is applied to teeth that were devitalized (“teeth without nerves” and with root canal filling), which in time become anaesthetic, and the tooth needs to be whitened inside. This procedure can only be performed in a dental office.

Thus, a cavity is created in the tooth, the whitening substance will be applied and left in place for approximately 24 hours, and if the effect is satisfactory, during the next meeting, the coronal composite obturation will be applied (physiognomic filling in tooth colour).

If the effect is not the desired one, the procedure can be resumed until you are satisfied with the colour of your tooth.

Dental jewellery:

Dental jewellery are precious stones or gemstones which are applied to the surface of the teeth with are visible when you smile (incisors, canines), used for getting a beautiful personalized smile.

It is a non-invasive technique that involves sticking, as such, with adhesive techniques, a small jewel that can be made of Swarovski crystal or diamond, which can be performed on demand or can be bought from medical accessory shops.

It is a quick and painless procedure (15 min.) and, most importantly, without any unwanted side effects.

The only things to consider is dental hygiene, which should be very good, jewels can promote plaque retention and the fact that hard foods must be avoided, because they could lead to premature detachment of the jewel. If the jewel stays stuck for long, stains can occur, but these can be removed afterwards.

If you want to remove the dental jewel, it can be removed without problems, with no negative consequences on the hard dental tissues.