Price list

Service namePrice
Consultation100 lei
Treatment plan 200 lei
Disposable turbine on request 100 lei
Digital retroalveolar radiography 40 lei
Soothing dressing 120 lei
Muco-periostal abscess incision 120 lei
Periodontal abscess incision 120 lei
Endodontic drainage 120 lei
Topical anesthetic gel / spray 45 lei
Local infiltration anesthesia 45 lei
Dental Prophylaxis 
Complete prophylaxis (ultrasounds and manual scaling, profesional brushing, finishing) 250 lei
Dental recall (both arches) 125 lei
Professional brushing (both arches) 100 lei
Airflow150 lei
Fluoridation120 lei / arch
Fluoridation trays 170 lei / arch
Fluoridation / tooth 50 lei
Ultrasounds scaling and professional brushing/tooth 50 lei
Anti-inflammatory drug treatment 100 lei
Reveal bacterian plaque 100 lei
Oral hygiene instructing 50 lei
Consultation100 lei
Simple sealing of temporary tooth 100 lei / tooth
Enlarged sealing of temporary tooth 120 lei / tooth
Small glassionomers restoration of temporary tooth70 lei
Medium glassionomers restoration of temporary tooth90 lei
Large glassionomers restoration of temporary tooth120 lei
Small composite restoration of temporary tooth140 lei
Medium composite restoration of temporary tooth160 lei
Large composite restoration of temporary tooth190 lei
Temporary restoration with Citodur / Coltosol of temporary tooth50 lei
Direct pulp capping of temporary tooth100 lei
Indirect pulp capping of temporary tooth100 lei
Vital/devital extirpation of temporary tooth 100 lei
Application pulp devitalize on sessions 2/3 50 lei
Gangrene temporary tooth ( endodontic drainage , mechanical treatment channel , channel toilet , medication ) 150 lei
Additional sessions gangrene 70 lei
Final root obturation of temporary tooth60 lei/channel
Mobile temporary tooth extraction 80 lei (including anesthesia)
Temporary tooth extraction without resorption 120 lei (including anesthesia)
Polyp excision 60 lei
The session could not intervene (the second session) 100 lei
Removal filling 30 lei
Temporary restoration 100 lei
Simple sealing 130 lei / tooth
Enlarged sealing 1600 lei / tooth
Degree I composite restoration 190 lei
Degree II composite restoration 210 lei
Degree III composite restoration 250 lei
Composite restoration wisdom molar 300 lei
Composite restoration fiberglass core reinforced 320 lei (1 core +70 lei second core)
Composite restoration Dentatus reinforced 300 lei
Direct pulp capping 100 lei
Indirect pulp capping 100 lei
Direct composite veneers 350 lei
Selective grinding70 lei / tooth
Vital extirpation monoradicular 100 lei (includes anesthesia and antiseptic)
Final root canal obturation for monoradicular tooth 130 lei (includes Digital rx)
Vital extirpation pluriradicular 120 lei (includes anesthesia and antiseptic)
Final root canal obturation for pluriradicular tooth 175 lei (includes Digital rx)
Mechanical root treatment 180 lei / channel
Gangrene (monoradicular tooth) 210 lei
Gangrene (pluriradiculat tooth) 230 lei
Additional sessions gangrene 100 lei/ session
Closing perforation with MTA 180 lei
Removal core 150 lei
Specilist consultation 150 lei
Monoradicular tooth extraction 150 lei (including anesthesia)
Pluriradicular tooth extraction 200 lei (including anesthesia)
Monoradicular tooth with 3 degree mobility extraction120 lei (including anesthesia)
Pluriradicular tooth with 3 degree mobility extraction120 lei (including anesthesia)
Otherwise root extraction130 lei/root
Extraction of tooth / root with anchilosis 230 lei/root
Fully erupted third molar extraction 250 lei
Partially erupted third molar extraction 350 lei
Included third molar extraction 500 lei
Included canine / premolar extraction 500 lei
Bone additive made ​​in the session with tooth extraction120 lei (not including biomaterials)
Surgery for discoverying and anchoring included tooth 600 lei
Postextractional curettage 60 lei
Postextractional suture(does not include tooth extraction)70 lei
Root separation / premolarization 180 lei
Oro-sinusal communication plasty 300 lei
Alveoplasty extraction 240 lei
High alveolotomy 370 lei
Low Alveolotomy 300 lei
Alveolitis postextractional treatment 100 lei / session
Operculectomy150 lei
Antiseptic treatment 20 lei
Front teeth apicectomy 420 lei
Pemolar apicectomy 540 lei
Molar apicectomy 720 lei
Frenectomy/ frenetomy 420 lei
Cystectomy720 lei
Dental replanting 650 lei (including endodontic treatment)
Regularization bone crest/hemiarch 300 lei
Sinus lift (depending on complexity) 2000-2500 lei (not including biomaterials)
Pericoronaritis treament 120 lei
Temporo-mandibular joint dislocation reduction120 lei
Removal of sutures(for interventions that were not done in our office)100 lei
Specialist consultation 100 lei
Repair temporary prosthesis with QU-RESIN FAST&FIXED200 lei
Dental implant Nobel Biocare (Nobel Biocare SUA)
(abutment 150-200 euro)
Equivalent 1100 euro
Dental Implant Anthogy (Franta) (abutment 100 euro)Equivalent 750 euro
Dental implant MIS Seven(Mis Israel)Equivalent 600 euro
Dental implant Implantium(Coreea de Sud)Equivalent 600 euro
Dental implant Bredent Clasic(Germania) (abutment 100 euro)Equivalent 550 euro
Dental implant Megagen (Coreea de Sud) (abutment 100 euro)Equivalent 500 euro
Dental implant ALPHA BIO (Nobel Biocare Israel)
(includes healing cap)
Equivalent 450 euro
Dental implant ARDS (ARDS implants Israel)Equivalent 400 euro
Prosthetic abutment 90-200 euro( brand and type)
Healing abutment 20-50 euro( brand and type)
Transfer abutment 65 euro
Zirconia abutment200-300 euro( brand and type)
Healing abutment application (for patiens with dental implants inserted in our office)100 lei (anesthesia included
Healing abutment application (for patiens with dental implants inserted in outside our office)200 lei
Prosthetic abutment application (for patiens with dental implants inserted in outside our office)400-1000 lei ( brand and type)
Collagen membrane application100 lei
Geistlich Mucograft 15x20 mm (Elvetia) membrane960 lei
Geistlich Mucograft 20x30 mm (Elvetia) membrane1200 lei
Geistlich Biogide 16x22 mm (Elvetia) membrane800 lei
Geistlich Biogide 25x25 mm (Elvetia) membrane850 lei
Geistlich Biogide 30x40 mm (Elvetia) membrane1250 lei
Hyprosorb F 15x20 mm; 0,2 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia) membrane450 lei
Hyprosorb F 20x30 mm; 0,2 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia) membrane500 lei
Hyprosorb F 30x40 mm; 0,2 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia)550 lei
Hyprosorb M 16x20 mm; 0,8 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia) membrane500 lei
Hyprosorb M 22x32 mm; 0,8 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia) membrane600 lei
Hyprosorb M 32x42 mm; 0,8 mm (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia)700 lei
Bone addition application450 lei(does not include biomaterials)
Ossceram nano bone Bredent (Germania) 0,5-1 mm; 0,5 cm380 euro
Ossceram nano bone Bredent (Germania) 0,8-1,5 mm; 1 cm395 euro
Alveoprotect Bredent (Germania)265 euro
Geistlich Bio-oss 0,25-1 mm 0,25g; 0,5 cc450 lei
Geistlich Bio-oss 1-2 mm 0,5g; 1,5 cc550 lei
Geistlich Bio-oss Block 1x1x2 cm1600 lei
Geistlich Bio-oss Pen 0,25-1 mm 0,25g; 0,5 cc500 lei
Hypro-oss 0,5-1mm 0,5 ml (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia)400 lei
Hypro-oss 1-2mm 5 ml (Bioimplon Biotech Cehia)1000 lei
Cerasorb M oss 150-500um 0,5 cc75 euro
Cerasorb M oss 500-1000um 0,5 cc75 euro
Cerasorb M oss 1000-2000um 0,5 cc75 euro
Sleep anesthesia assisted by A.T.I doctor1000 lei
Manual scaling 20 lei/tooth
Subgingival curettage 50 lei/tooth
Gingivectomy100 lei/tooth
Elongation dental crown with bone remodeling 180 lei/tooth
Flap surgery/sextant (does not include addition of bone) 250 euro
Bone Cerasorb Paro 63-250um 0,5g80 euro
Tissue regeneration with Emdogain (workmanship)200 lei/tooth
Emdogain gel (Strauman Elvetia) 0,3 ml1050 lei
Emdogain gel (Strauman Elvetia) 0,7 ml1250 lei
Immobilizer teeth with composite bar90 lei / tooth
Immobilizer teeth with Interlig110 lei / tooth
Steel and composite splint immobilization100 lei / tooth
Antimicrobial treatment/arch 100 lei
Hyaluronic acid gingival injection 800 lei
Fixed prosthetics 
Model study/ arch 60 lei
Zirconia ceramic crown on implant 1100 lei
Zirconia ceramic crown 950 lei
Metallo-ceramic crown on implant 850 lei
Ceramic veneer750 lei
Emax veneer 1200 lei
Emax full-ceramic crown 1200 lei
Full-ceramic crown 950 lei
Inlay / Onlay ceramic 1000 lei
Fully physiognomic metallo-ceramic crown550 lei
Partly physiognomic metallo-ceramic crown500 lei
Metallo-acrilic crown300 lei
Metal Crown 300 lei
Reconstitution abutment with composite photo 150 lei
Reconstitution abutment with Dentatus 200 lei
Reconstitution abutment with fiberglass 250 lei
Reconstituion abutment with Zirconium 550 lei
Reconstitution abutment with silver alloy device270 lei
Reconstitution abutment with Ni-Cr alloy device 210 lei
Temporary crown made in laboratory 120 lei
Temporary crown made in office 60 lei
Repair veneer in office 200 lei
Crown ablation100 lei / tooth
Provisional cementation (if the work was not performed in our office) 50 lei / tooth
Final cementation (if the work was not performed in our office) 60 lei / tooth
Adhesive Cementation 85 lei / tooth
Cementation RCR (if the work was not performed in our office)70 lei / tooth
Prosthesis adaptation(if the work was not performed in our office) 70 lei / session
Removable dentures 
Skeletal prosthesis with 2 special attachment systems3000 lei/arch
Anchorvis unilateral skeletal prosthesis2000 lei
Implants overdenture2500 lei/arch(does not include price for implants)
Overdenture on staples 2000 lei/arch
Staple for overdenture(include RCR)650 lei
Complete removable denture1100 lei/arch
Partial removable denture900 lei/arch
Flexible partial/complete denture1800 lei
Kemeny denture (1-4 teeth) 500 lei
Bruxism tray200 lei / arch
Teflon replacement ( skeletal prosthesis)150 lei / item
Reinforcing steel mesh prosthesis 190 lei
Dental prosthesis gluing120 lei
Dental prosthesis lining200 lei
Dental prosthesis relining200 lei
Repair broken clasp 100 lei
Add tooth prosthesis 100 lei / tooth
Aesthetic dentistry 
Professional teeth whitening in office 700 lei
Professional teeth whitening in trays at home 450 lei (not including price for trays)
Endodontic whitening100 lei/tooth/session (not including endodontic retreatment)
Dental jewelry bonding250-700 lei (depending on the type of jewelry)
Consultation50 lei
Regular examination of fixed appliance100 lei/arch
Regular examination of removable appliance100 lei/arch
Dental records, study model, treatment plan100 lei
Dental records, final/intermediate study model50 lei
Sapphire fixed orthodontic appliance 3200 lei/arch
Ceramic fixed orthodontic appliance 2800 lei/arch
Metal self ligating fixed orthodontic appliance2200 lei/arch
Metal fixed orthodontic appliance2000 lei/arch
Bimaxillary removable appliance900 lei/arch
Monomaxillary removable appliance800 lei
Palatal/lingual bar 450 lei
Space maintainer with tooth550 lei
Space maintainer with loop500 lei
Disjunctor1200 lei
Expander500 lei
Lip Bumper300 lei
Delaire mask 800 lei
Capelina700 lei
Trainer700 lei
Pendulum800 lei
Repair removable appliance200-450 lei
Metallic bracket bonding150 lei
Metallic bracket rebonding100 lei
Ceramic bracket bonding280 lei
Sapphire bracket bonding320 lei
Orthodontic selective grinding/tooth30 lei
Treatment for inverse overbite teeth/session30 lei
Photo composite(oclusal) 100 lei/tooth
Fixed retainer300 lei/arch
Removable retainer(tray)400 lei/arch
Removable retainer600 lei/arch
Remove braces at the patient's request 400 lei