Pedodontics is the range of dental care services provided to children, to treat dental diseases of temporary (baby) teeth and permanent teeth of young people.

It is a special branch of dentistry, as the doctor requires special skills, good knowledge of child psychology and also patience and tact, so that little patients are treated in a warm ambience that will make them feel at ease.

The importance of dental treatment in children:

Children should be brought at an early age to see a specialist, since the emergence of the first tooth. This way you will be trained on proper oral hygiene care and maintenance, and any necessary treatments will be carried out. Therefore, your children will get used to the medical and dental environment.

To stimulate and reward the children, they will receive a small prize after each session in which they behaved well, and this will make them feel confident and eager come back in our office.

Consultation is meant to spot caries in children’s teeth and their complications, the bad habits that could lead to the emergence of dento-alveolar abnormalities and their deconditioning, the presence of position changes in the erupted permanent teeth in the oral cavity and the realization of dental appliances that brings them in their natural position.

         “Milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones. Is their treatment necessary?”

Yes, baby teeth should be treated. Maintaining healthy teeth is very important for the proper chewing and adequate digestion and thus for the healthy and harmonious development of the body.

At the same time, the baby teeth maintain the space for the permanent eruption, their loss resulting in subsequent dental crowding.

They can also cause feelings of distress to your child, tooth caries rapidly evolving to infections, with episodes of tooth abscess, impaired general condition, pain, fever and inability to eat. Also, the infection can reach the level of permanent teeth buds, with repercussions on their development.

For cases in which children have a pronounced fear of entering a dental office, BeautySmile is equipped with modern techniques of sedation during the therapeutic act. This is a type of conscious sedation, the child will not be asleep but will be induced relaxation, and it will make your child more receptive to the idea of treatment.

The novelty of this treatment is the use of nitrous protoxide, a gas that produces a calming effect on the patient. After treatment, the doctor interrupts the nitrous protoxide and administers the patient, for a period of a few minutes, only oxygen in order to remove the inhaled substance from the body.

Besides the work of dentists, you need to pay great attention to oral hygiene and dietary habits of your child.

As soon as teeth appear in the oral cavity, you must make sure that they are kept clean. Initially you will have to do this yourself, and with advancing age you will need to generate and maintain your child’s habit of brushing their teeth daily. It is extremely important to brush before bedtime.

During bottle-feeding it is very important not to let your baby sleep with the baby bottle in its mouth, and without thoroughly cleaning the teeth before falling asleep. This will prevent the development of baby-bottle caries, which is a very common form of the disease among children and is very aggressive, causing great functional and aesthetic deficits.